10 Things to Tell Your Wedding Suppliers Before Your Wedding Day

17th August 2019

Your wedding suppliers are the backbone of your wedding day. Collectively, they form the orchestra that produces the beautiful symphony of your wedding vision. They all contribute to bring your wedding vision to life, with your wedding planner as the lead conductor in the orchestra.

Wedding season is in full swing and as your wedding day gets closer, it’s important to brief your wedding suppliers before hand as well as on your wedding day to ensure a successful wedding. Both you and your suppliers can set expectations, and they are clear on your requirements so they are not caught in awkward situations or step on the wrong toes.

Here is a run down 10 things to let your wedding suppliers know before and on your wedding day:

Your timings –

It goes without saying that this is one of the most crucial elements of your wedding day. Brief your wedding suppliers on timings for various events, when the ceremony is set to start, how long for pictures, time to eat etc.

Family politics and dynamics –

Weddings are a family affair and yours is no different (this can be a touchy subject for some). Let your wedding suppliers know if there are any family dynamics or issues they need to be aware of i.e. who needs to be in the pictures, are there specific ways they would like to be addressed, any strained relationships to be aware of etc.

candlelit wedding reception

Venue restrictions –

Some venues especially churches (if you plan on having a religious ceremony) do not allow flash photography or mountings on the walls. Others do not allow naked flames i.e. from candles. Be sure to let your wedding suppliers know what you have agreed with your venues. (Of course your wedding planner can help with these points but…we’ll come to that…)

Cancellation policy –

Most wedding suppliers have cancellation policies in case of any eventualities. It will also help for you to let them know of your own cancellation policy if you have any. I had a (partial planning) bride once who cancelled one of her suppliers very close to her wedding as it was a service she no longer required but had initially booked.

Food and drinks –

Any arrangements you have made with your caterer on whether to feed your wedding suppliers from the main menu or alternative menu and how/where the meals will be served, you will need tell your suppliers.

Things that matter most to you and yours –

Specific details or aspects that matter most to you both, e.g. moments to capture, being un-intrusive in delivering the service, special songs you like played at certain points, any specific tradition you want to observe at your wedding, getting the food out on time etc. are all things you should let you wedding suppliers know ahead of time (yes, they are professionals but don’t assume that they will know)

bride holding wedding bouquet outside wedding venue

Special requirements (wheelchair access etc.) –

Let your wedding suppliers know if there are any of your guests that have special requirements that they need to make provisions for. E.g. wheelchair access for your grandparents, vegan meal options for your close friend or a translator for your hard of hearing relative.

Guest Numbers –

It’s worth going through your final guest numbers so everyone is on the same page. Also let them know if you plan on having additional evening guests, and numbers.

Set up –

Set up, break down, load in and load out times and access times are all details you should let your wedding suppliers know.

First port of call –

Your suppliers would have already been familiar with your wedding planner (especially if I was the one that sourced them or had been in contact with them). However, where you do not have a wedding planner, it’s important to let your wedding suppliers know who the first port of call is for any issues and concerns that arise on your wedding day.

I hope the above pointers help to keep you in check as you liaise with your wedding suppliers. I offer Wedding Day Management services to help you tackle the above points in detail. Get in touch and let’s discuss what else you have outstanding and where I can help, I’d love to!

Cynthia x

Images by Tell Your Story Photography

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