15 Signs You Need A Bespoke Wedding Planner

31st August 2019

Wedding planning is a time consuming affair! especially when you are planning from overseas. It’s probably easy for you to think that you can tackle it on your own and you don’t need the help of a bespoke wedding planner. Err…I’d say think again. Here are 15 signs you need a bespoke wedding planner, pronto!

15 signs you need a bespoke wedding planner

1.You are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices out there – from advice pieces to gorgeous images that you can’t quite decide on anything.

2. Feels like everyone has to have a say at your wedding – you really love your family but you wish to hear yourself above all their suggestions.

3. You absolutely love the fact that you’re engaged but have no idea where to start with your wedding planning.

4. You’re busy juggling life, work and socials with no time to get into the details of your wedding planning.

5. You feel like you’re going round in circles without making any headway or progress.

15 signs you need a bespoke wedding planner

6. You’re planning from afar and need eyes and ears on the ground at your chosen destination.

7. You don’t have family and friends who are close by and willing to give of their time to help you plan (or sometimes they are there but busy with their own lives)

8. You’re a bit unsure which to do first; should I book my venue or find my photographer first? Decisions!

9. You are spending way too much time online on social media (Instagram and Pinterest) and wedding blogs – consuming every bit of content you can find; both visuals and words, with little to show for it.

10. You’re becoming wedding obsessed and it’s starting to affect your relationship and you no longer have the time to focus on it.

11. You’ve booked your wedding venue but that’s just about all you’ve done so far.

wedding reception tablescape with peach and grey tones.

12. You procrastinate about tackling your different wedding suppliers and the constant ping pong of emails that will ensue.

13. You want a wedding that reflects you and your style but don’t know how to make it all come together.

14. You need someone who can be the go between between your family and friends

15. You want to relax and enjoy your wedding day with your nearest and dearest (and rightly so!) without having to worry about details on your wedding day.

If any of these resonates with you, I’d love to help! Get in touch and let’s talk about where you’re at with your wedding plans and where you need help.

Cynthia x

Images by Jay Emme Photography

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