29th January 2022

Happy New Year! (Are we still saying that now?) Can you believe that we are already full steam ahead into 2022? I know, I know, it feels like ages since I’ve paid attention to my blog. It has not been intentional for sure. I have missed writing to you, sharing my top tips and wedding planning insights to help you with your wedding planning. To say that the past 24 months has been a challenge would be an understatement. 

There has been a lot of highs and lows in equal measure both personally and professionally and as you know (if you’ve been around for a while), you will know that I prioritise when things get busy or overwhelming for me hence my blog tends to take a back seat.

As we head into 2022 I’d love to know what your hopes, plans and dreams are for this year. I’m not one for resolutions but I’m optimistic about this year. I know that the current climate with the pandemic can make us despondent but if there is anything the past 24 months has taught me, it is to embrace change, flexibility and the ability to adapt with open arms. 

2022 relaxed bride and groom on wedding day

Now, I know that might be difficult as whilst the saying change is the only constant thing in life may be true, it can also be one of the hardest things to adapt to as we humans are creatures of habit and routines, but we have to at least try, right? So my big goal for 2022 is to embrace change a lot more and leave room for what God wants to do. I would like to focus more on my blog and put out more content on here. I’m also optimistic about the changes in my business and look forward to all that it brings – both the challenges as well as the opportunities.

2021 was not without its challenges, but I won’t dwell on those. Ever the optimist, I’d sooner celebrate some of the highs than focus on the lows. I’ve been blessed to plan and design some fantastic weddings for some amazing clients, explored my creativity and designed and planned some amazing shoots which has been featured in some of the top wedding blogs and got to work at one of the most prestigious hotels in London.  In all of this, the most remarkable and notable high for me has been personal growth, knowing my own mind, and the capabilities and limitations of what I can and cannot take, sharpening my vision and discernment even more and learning to be present wherever I find myself – still practising that last one! 

2022 get in touch with Kimberley Rose Designs to discuss your wedding plans

I would certainly like to take my business to new heights and work with some select clients this year. I’d like to work with (new) UK wedding venues looking to improve their venue offering and help them to create content that will help them to attract the right clientele. I’d also welcome some venue consultancy with more established venues.  There are some choice wedding venues and wedding suppliers across the UK that I would like to work with so hope to tick them off my list this year too.

I feel 2022 is full of promise and hope and I am embracing both with open arms. I look forward to the weddings I will help some incredible humans to plan and see their visions coming to life. Do check out my full planning and design service and also my on the day coordination service if you need help with planning your wedding this year, I have some availabilities so be sure to get in touch

Looking forward to facing the year with much gusto! What about you? What are you most looking forward to this year?

Much love

Cynthia x

Images Cristina Ilao Photography

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