Meet Cynthia - Destination Wedding Planner in the UK and beyond

Doer, problem solver, hands on, creative, romantic, enthusiastic, passionate, meticulous, compassionate, kind, approachable, flexible…these are some of the qualities that characterise me…

cynthia - destination wedding planner

I’m a big believer in love and sentiments. I believe the best things in life are free. The things that define us and makes us human are those intangibles, the things that we do not see. 

Lovely and beautiful memories are part of those intangibles and I believe every wedding should be just that; a beautiful memory.  An experience effortlessly crafted with the utmost love and care that makes it memorable for you and your guests.

I focus on making yours a relaxed, intimate affair irrespective of your guest numbers. Constantly in your corner, I help you navigate the terrain of planning your wedding celebration here in the UK or further afield in Europe.

My 10 plus years combined experience in event planning, weddings and project management, comes to the fore and helps me to manage your wedding planning in a seamless flow so be rest assured that your wedding celebration is in the safest of hands.

Away from weddings, I love all things design! (from florals to graphics and interiors), it’s a great way to unleash my creative outlet. I’m a travel enthusiast and have a long bucket list of places around the world, I’d like to visit. 

Closer to home, I like to hang out with my friends and family, eat out in restaurants with friends, watch Formula 1 racing (when I catch it), curl up at home with a good book or catch me practicing kickboxing moves at my local gym. 

I’m based in Surrey but work all over the UK and some European destinations (Tuscany and Provence are prime favourites)

Contact me, let’s talk!

Cynthia x

I’m inspired by

I prefer

Staying in over going out

History over pop culture

Conversations over small talk

Cocktails over beer

Paper over tablet

Nature over man-made

Humans over animals

Hugs over handshakes

Experiences over things

‘I would highly recommend Kimberley Rose Designs to plan and design your wedding. Cynthia is highly professional and effective at planning and designing weddings as well as being a very kind and approachable person! With an organised, compassionate and caring nature, she ensures your wedding planning experience is positive and stress free. Her passion for creativity and designing truly stunning weddings stands Cynthia apart from those who just ‘plan weddings’ and makes her the perfect all round choice for planning and designing your wedding celebrations’!

Lucy Benett – Boutique Weddings

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