Tips for planning and designing your modern romantic destination wedding in the UK

classic contemporary at hotel wedding venue surrey doubletree kingston

Hotel Wedding Venue Surrey; Classic Contemporary Wedding at Doubletree Hilton Kingston

As the seasons change with shorter days and much longer nights, I thought it was time to share this fashion and nature inspired indoor wedding reception editorial at hotel wedding venue surrey; Doubletree by Hilton, Kingston upon Thames (UK), to showcase some inspiration for you if you are planning your own indoor wedding with the...

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bride outdoors swirling around in her wedding dress

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Now that you have nailed down your wedding date (and in most cases secured your wedding venue), it is time to turn your thoughts and attention to finding your dream wedding dress so wedding dress shopping should be on top of your wedding planning to do list!  How to find your dream wedding dress Before...

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Kimberley Rose Designs offers planning and design uniquely tailored to ensure a seamless, beautiful wedding celebration. We plan and design country house weddings, chic city weddings, and destination weddings and cover London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire, and European destinations.

Downton Inspired Garden Party Wedding at Nurstead Court

Step back in time to a time of glamour, relaxed pace of life and graceful elegance. I love Downton Abbey and everything it symbolises! The old world way of doing things, the unhurried pace of life and above all the family saga that sat right at the heart of the classic drama reminds us so...

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Wedding venue coordinators versus wedding planners

Wedding Venue Coordinators versus Wedding Planners

You know, planning your wedding in the UK has it’s own set of peculiarities. When you start your search for your dream UK wedding venue, you will most likely come across venues who will tell you that they have coordinators who will help you to plan your wedding. There is a myth that the wedding...

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15 signs you need a bespoke wedding planner

15 Signs You Need A Bespoke Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a time consuming affair! especially when you are planning from overseas. It’s probably easy for you to think that you can tackle it on your own and you don’t need the help of a bespoke wedding planner. Err…I’d say think again. Here are 15 signs you need a bespoke wedding planner, pronto!...

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10 things to tell your wedding suppliers before your wedding day

10 Things to Tell Your Wedding Suppliers Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding suppliers are the backbone of your wedding day. Collectively, they form the orchestra that produces the beautiful symphony of your wedding vision. They all contribute to bring your wedding vision to life, with your wedding planner as the lead conductor in the orchestra. Wedding season is in full swing and as your wedding...

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The mystery of the wedding breakfast

The Mystery of the Wedding Breakfast

Hola! As my spanish friends would say 🙂 As you plan your UK destination wedding, one of the terms you will come across from most wedding venues is the term wedding breakfast. And, you’ll probably wonder why or what it means. Well, I thought I’d shed some light on this peculiar British term. Spoiler alert;...

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How Much does it cost to hire a Luxury Wedding Planner

How much does it cost to hire a Luxury Wedding Planner

This no doubt is the number one question on your mind when it comes to hiring a luxury wedding planner like me. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question; how much does it cost to hire a luxury wedding planner. My answer usually is how long is a...

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Your Wedding Day Timings tips by Wedding Planner, Kimberley Rose Designs

Your Wedding Day Timings

Hello lovely folks! Its been a while since I’ve been on the blog. It has been a busy couple of months. I’ve been working away on a number of wedding editorials including one in sunny Tuscany! (all to inspire you of course) and they all involved a lot of planning, logistics and details so the...

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luxury wedding planner surrey Kimberley Rose Designs

Luxury Wedding Planner Surrey; My definition of luxury

The strapline on my instagram handle at the moment is luxury wedding planner surrey (until I decide to change it as I often do!) The bigger question for me though is what does it mean for you? Luxury is a word that gets thrown around a lot and I do think people tend to not...

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the average cost of a marquee wedding

The Average Cost of a Marquee Wedding

When deciding on venue options for your wedding, you might struggle with which to go with as costs can be a factor. You ponder whether to have a marquee wedding instead of one at a regular wedding venue. Both have their merits, no doubt. I think there are some great reasons to have a marquee...

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10 things to consider when planning your marquee wedding by Kimberley Rose Designs

10 things to consider when planning your marquee wedding

We’ve been talking about marquee weddings and 5 great reasons to have a marquee wedding for a truly bespoke wedding, I figured we also need to look at the top 10 things you’ll need to consider when planning your marquee wedding. It’s not all roses unfortunately (there are lots of logistics and details to contend with,...

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marquee wedding planner surrey tablescape

Marquee Wedding Planner Surrey: 5 great reasons to have a marquee wedding

Marquee weddings are so in these days aren’t they? As a marquee wedding planner surrey, I get enquiries from couples who want to plan their own bespoke marquee wedding. It can be both a pain and a joy to pull off but, as you can see from the points below and the title, you know...

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how to work out your wedding budget Kimberley Rose Designs

How to Work Out Your Wedding Budget

Some clients often wonder whether they need a wedding budget and I often say a resounding yes! So, I think whether you’re spending £50k or £300k for your wedding, you need a wedding budget. Even if you don’t have all the funds readily available in one lump sum, you still need to work out your...

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bride twirling in wedding dress

How to Determine Your Wedding Style

Style is inbred. It comes with an awareness of who you both are as people and stems from the influences that have shaped your life, what you both like and dislike, your values and things that matter to you etc (personally I think that it is something that takes you on a personal journey of...

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couple dancing in the park part of unique date ides for valentine's day

Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

I know it seems like Christmas was just yesterday but yes, Valentine’s day is creeping up on us faster than you can blink. The much celebrated season of love is the perfect time to add some spice, romance and intimacy to your relationship, after all, it is the basis of why you’re getting married and...

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3 things to do after you get engaged top tips by Kimberley Rose Designs

3 things to do first after you get engaged

‘I’m getting married’! That must have been the full-hearted squeal you blurted out to your friends after you got engaged. Congratulations! Has it fully sunk in for you yet or do you still catch yourself taking glimpses at your engagement ring when you think no one is looking? I’m a big believer in enjoying the...

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Kimberley Rose Designs captures the magic -Engagement ring

How to find the right engagement rings

The holiday season is the perfect time to get engaged and finding the perfect engagement rings top the list at this time of year. With the relaxed pace of life during the season and with friends, family and loved ones around, what better time to pop the question to your beloved than during this beautiful...

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How to Plan Your UK Destination Wedding - the legalities

How to Plan Your UK Destination Wedding – the legalities

The UK is full of idyllic and picturesque locations to get married in. From quaint villages to vibrant cities, historical and contemporary spaces, plenty of choices abound as you plan your nuptials in these parts.  However, before we get too carried away with dreams of grandeur, there are legal requirements to satisfy as you plan...

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Kimberley Rose Designs creates the perfect weeding

Bespoke Surrey Wedding Planner

Hi there and a warm welcome to my blog! I’m Cynthia, bespoke Surrey wedding planner, and designer here at Kimberley Rose Designs. I love planning weddings, particularly the creative and design process. The prospect of transforming a space excites me and the gorgeous details that create the ambience for your day are the cherry on...

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Welcome to Kimberley Rose!

From Alegrar Events to Kimberley Rose Designs – a whole new look! Why the change you may ask?   Well, as with everything in life, change they say is the only constant thing. My knowledge, experience and expertise of wedding planning and design has grown (and is still growing), and so has my business. I’m...

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