How to Determine Your Wedding Style

19th January 2019

Style is inbred. It comes with an awareness of who you both are as people and stems from the influences that have shaped your life, what you both like and dislike, your values and things that matter to you etc (personally I think that it is something that takes you on a personal journey of self discovery to figure out who you are and what you like). It is all these influences that help you to determine your wedding style.

When you get engaged and start to plan your wedding, it’s so easy to get carried away with inspirations of granduer found on pinterest and instagram or wedding trends as dictated by the annual pantone colours of the year (don’t worry, you’re not alone! :)) that you end up developing a style that you think you like without really delving deep to find out your own signature style and what’s possible within the confines of your wedding budget and venue.

Many wedding styles abound, from classic understated elegance to modern contemporary to art deco to sophisticated opulence, there are lots of wedding styles to choose from. The key is not to stick to one style necessarily, but to fuse some of these styles into one that is a true reflection of both of you. (For example you could decide to have a classic formal wedding reception in a country house barn, combining your love of traditional classic and relaxed rustic country vibe)

When I work with couples on my full planning and design service I ask them questions that helps me to draw out the style of wedding they want as it then guides the rest of the decisions we make throughout the wedding planning process. And, I’m not just talking about your wedding design for your reception  (although it is part of it) but your style determines and sets the tone for your overall wedding, from the type of wedding dress and suit you pick to the type of venue you select down to the intricate and finer details of your wedding design.

how to determine your wedding style tips from Kimberley Rose Designs

How to determine your wedding style

Here are some pointers to help you to determine your wedding style.

What type of wedding do you want?

Have a think about the type of wedding you want, this will help you to narrow down your wedding style. For example do you want a relaxed, laid back affair with minimum pomp and fuss or a big society wedding? or a day infused with your cultural influences? or rustic with a vintage vibe? Plenty of choices abound!

What type of designs appeal to you?

Start with your home, your favourite designers, restaurants you like to go etc. What appeals to you about these designs? The clean lines, the simplicity, the quiet ambience or the wild abandon you feel as you walk into the place. Do the products you like remind you of a special family memento or are you attached to particular brands because of their brand values? What ever it is, have a think about what appeals to the two of you, you will start to see a picture emerging and this helps you to narrow down your options.

What are your priority areas?

Determine what I call your priority areas i.e. aspects of your wedding that are most important to you both. Of course the whole day is important but there are absolute must haves that you need to work out, i.e. which parts of the wedding celebration means the most to you both? The ceremony, your dress, the exchange of your vows, the reception, your photos etc. Knowing this will help you to know where to focus your attention and help you to prioritise and apportion your wedding budget accordingly.

What problems have your friends encountered during their own wedding planning?

What problems have your friends encountered during their own wedding planning? e.g. did they overspend on their budget? did they follow trends that didn’t quite go according to plan? did they do things back to front or allow others to influence them so much that they lost track of what they really wanted? Knowing this will help you to know the pitfalls to avoid when determining your own wedding style.

Elegant wedding tablescape design by Kimberley Rose Designs
Jay Emme Photography

Where do you want to get married?

At home or away? Do you want an intimate destination wedding overlooking a beach somewhere or a wedding at home (at the back of your parents garden) with your nearest and dearest. What about the ceremony? Do you want a religious or a civil ceremony? Which one does your chosen location allow for? or does it not matter? The answers will help you to determine your wedding style.

As you answer these questions, you start to get a sense of what you both want, aspects you want reflected in your day and how to put your personal stamp on your day (did I mention that the key to personalising your day is knowing your signature style?) It will then guide the choices and decisions you both make for your day and saves you so much time in the long run; from choosing your dream wedding venue to deciding on how you want your guests to feel at your wedding.

Final thoughts

One final point from me, once you’ve gone through these pointers and locked down the style you want for your wedding (remember, it can be an infusion of styles to create your own signature style), then pin it down and don’t be swayed by the trends or images you see. Use yourselves as your guide when picking out inspiration images – is this me or am I picking it because I think it looks good?

Equally, It’s important to determine your wedding style early in your wedding planning as that informs the type of wedding you want to have, your wedding budget, spending priorities and the all important wedding venue. It also adds a sense of intimacy and romance to your wedding planning and brings it full circle for you and your guests on the actual wedding day because they can see you through the personal touches and your signature style and think to themselves ‘ah…that is so you’!

If you need help to determine your wedding style, then get in touch and let’s discuss your plans.

Header image by Joshua Lampety Photography


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