How to Find Your Dream English Wedding Dress

Now that you have nailed down your wedding date (and in most cases secured your dream wedding venue), it is time to turn your thoughts and attention to finding your dream english wedding dress. So, wedding dress shopping should be on top of your wedding planning to do list!  (How exciting!)

How to find your dream english wedding dress

sheer back of bride's wedding dress floral details

Before you start your hunt for the perfect english wedding dress, decide on these pointers first:

Wedding Style 

Is your wedding style classic or contemporary, bohemian or whimsical? Knowing your wedding style, or the kind of styles you are drawn to will help you to pick the right english wedding dress.

Bespoke, couture or bridal boutique

What type of english wedding dress do you want? Do you want something off the shelf that you can amend. Or you want to go bespoke and have a couture gown made by your favourite designer (would you prefer an english designer or an american or italian designer, say?) or do you want one from a bridal boutique by one of your favourite bridal designers? You decide!


How many dresses do you want? One or two? Will you have a second wedding outfit for the evening reception? (Second outfits are so on trend these days) Do you want both from the same designer or bridal boutique or separately?


What is your wedding dress budget? Are you willing to go slightly over your budget for the right dress. It’s good to decide this upfront and keep it at the back of your mind for when you start going to fittings.

Once you decide on the above points, then you’re ready to start the hunt! Don’t give the excuse that you need to lose weight first before you start shopping for your english wedding dress. Still attend appointments with designers and find your dress first as dress designers and bridal boutiques need time to make and/or order your dress so the earlier you decide and make a decision, the better.

bride outdoors in rose gold tulle wedding dress with faux mini fur coat

As you go to your bridal appointments;

  • Make a list of must haves; do you want lace or sequin embellishments, structured or free flowing. English wedding dresses usually have a more formal structure to them so decide if you want add your own embellishments and adjustments to yours.
  •  Check that the bridal boutique offer tips and advice on the best dress styles and stock wedding dresses that compliment your body shape (Finding the right dress largely depends on what works for your body shape).
  • Is there an in house alteration service? So that you can do fittings and have it altered when you do lose the weight. 🙂
  •  As you try various english wedding dresses (hopefully not too many as you have a good idea of what you want) in your quest to find ‘the one’, sit, stand and walk around in the dresses when you go to fittings, so you can get a good feel for the fit. Fittings ensures that you are comfortable in the dress and can walk around in it gracefully without feeling constricted) on your big day.
  • When going for fittings (especially the final fitting), make sure you go with the things that you’ll wear underneath on your wedding day; underwear, Spanx etc. You want to ensure that you get a really good feel for your dress before wearing it down the aisle.
  • Go with a maximum of two honest friends whose opinions you respect and who won’t be afraid to give you constructive feedback based on your selection.
bride wearing english wedding dress for daytime wedding

Above all, go with an open mind. You may have an idea of the perfect classic fairytale english wedding dress that you spotted on Pinterest or Instagram and just have to have or that figure hugging number won by a famous celebrity that you think would look oh so good on you! Keep an open mind as these may not always match your reality once you try them on. Sometimes, it is the unexpected ones that give you the best and pleasantly surprising results!

Travelling to the UK with your english wedding dress could incur additional charges for you as you have to pay separately for it to be shipped / air freighted. You’ll incur higher charges if you want to travel directly with your dress.

A way to minimise on that cost to ask your bridal boutique to package the dress for you for shipping (they will know best how to package it with minimal creases) and have your wedding planner sign for it when it gets to the UK. I as your wedding planner will also keep it safely for you until you get to the UK. (Have a look at my full wedding planning and design service for more details)

Now that you are armed with these useful tips, it’s time to go wedding dress shopping! When you find your dream english wedding dress, do let me know how you made your selection and what tipped the scales for you! I’d love to know!

Happy shopping!

Cynthia x

how to find your dream english wedding dress

Image credits; Claire Graham Photography (first image) and Jay Emme Photography (last two images)

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