Luxury Wedding Planner UK; My definition of luxury

For the benefit of being descriptive, I use the term Luxury Wedding Planner UK to describe the kind of services I provide to my clients when they book me to plan their wedding. Personally, luxury it is not a word I use often as it is so often misconstrued and mean different things to different people.

So, I wanted to take a moment to articulate what luxury means to me, what I understand by the term as relates to your wedding plans and helping you with it so you can gain an insight into my thoughts and hopefully, they will resonate with you as you start to look for help with planning your wedding in the UK.

Having a shared understanding between us during the wedding planning process is key hence this post to give you a little insight into my own definition of luxury.

gorgeous green and gold wedding reception details designed by Kimberley Rose Designs

Luxury Wedding Planner UK; what luxury means to me

As we start to unpack the word luxury, here are some of the qualities and values that make up that word for me and how I carry that through to your wedding planning.

Understated Elegance

Luxury for me means understated elegance. I once came across a strap-line that says ‘elegance over opulence’ and that really resonated with me. For me, that’s what luxury means particularly where it comes to your wedding design.

It is elegant, it’s understated, it’s refined, it’s beautiful without being over done. It’s not ostentatious or over the top. It is something that appeals to and touches the 5 senses. It is a sense of easygoing, relaxed and effortless elegance where quality triumphs over quantity, always.

When it comes to your wedding, that could be with the carefully, curated pieces I source for your wedding design, the artisan menu I recommend for your wedding breakfast, the couture wedding dress and suits you choose, the calligraphed wedding invitation suite we send out to your guests, the handpicked flowers for your day or the quiet ambience of the day itself, all this adds to create your own unique and luxury wedding.

intimate wedding reception table setting designed by luxury wedding planner UK, Kimberley Rose Designs

Relaxed elegant weddings are my best ones to work on. Yes, there’s a sense of formality of the occasion but it is still intimate (love filled) and relaxed where both you and your guests can kick back, relax and have a good time without worrying about a thing. Weddings as a celebration of love and what better way to celebrate than in a relaxed, understated atmosphere that puts your love centre stage? Can you relate?


Ah…bespoke, that is quite a word, isn’t it? I mean in the sense that it is packed with meaning. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to (and I wouldn’t want you to either) have a cookie cutter version of someone else’s wedding.

You want your very own unique wedding that your guests will remember for all the right reasons long after the day is over so going bespoke is certainly the way to go and that’s what bespoke means to me in this context.

Traditional English Country House Wedding, created by Luxury Wedding Planner UK, Kimberley Rose Designs

I always say that ‘every detail tells a story’ and that is certainly true when it comes to so curating all those details that make your day utterly yours. From replicating your dress design on the cake to sourcing and incorporating items that has significance and meaning for you as part of the wedding design to personalising your wedding favours, all are great ways to have a bespoke wedding.

That is what I strive for when I help you to plan and design your wedding. It’s about understanding the things / elements that will make your wedding special to you, your style, interests etc and incorporating all or most of them into your wedding design to create something that is special and bespoke to you.

upclose of bride with her wedding ring

You want your guests to walk into your wedding and say yes, this is you. Nothing quite defines luxury to me as having the wedding you want, the way you want it and its my job as a luxury wedding planner UK to design your wedding to be a true reflection of you both.

Attention to detail

The devil is in the details (as the saying goes) and I couldn’t agree more! Paying utmost attention to every detail and aspect of your wedding from the big things to the smallest detail.

It means paying meticulous attention to the details of your wedding celebration, both the big logistical ones like helping you to find the right wedding venue or going on a site visit for your marquee wedding, asking detailed questions about where the setup will be and how much square metre space you’ll need per guest for the dance floor.

As well as the smaller minute details of your wedding design; picking the right colour shades, working with the right scents that reflects you and curating items that has personal significance for both of you. etc. All contribute to ensure you have a bespoke, seamless and memorable wedding experience for you and your guests.

beautiful wedding decor by luxury wedding planner UK, Kimberley Rose Designs

An Experience

The way I see it, you are coming to the UK or Europe to get married in the company of your nearest and dearest. It’s your wedding celebration and you want both you and them to have a memorable experience. One that they will talk about and remember years after the wedding so why not make it an experience to remember? Luxury is all about creating an experience so do that for your guests as well and let them know that you truly appreciate them coming out with you.

Depending on taste and preferences, the UK has a lot to offer in making your guests stay a memorable one. From champagne boat cruises across the thames to afternoon tea on the orient express, flowers shows, history excursions to more maniler pursuits like hunting, boat shows, sailing, horse racing etc, lots of options abound. I will help you to craft experiences that will ensure your guests has a relaxed and enjoyable experience over your wedding weekend.

single tier wedding cake for outdoor wedding in Tuscany planned by luxury wedding planner UK, Kimberley Rose Designs

Thinking about your guests in this way is a sure sign of luxury, wouldn’t you say?

Luxury for me is also more of an experience, not just for your guests but also for you. How it makes you feel. Alleviating the stress and worry of wedding planning for you and handling tasks so you know that things are in hand, that’s part of my job as a luxury wedding planner UK. It is taking you through my wedding planning process so nothing overwhelms you or at least minimise the overwhelm as much as possible! My goal is to provide a smooth and enjoyable wedding planning journey for you.


I aim to be responsive to you as we plan your wedding. Communication is key and it’s important that we keep the communication lines open. I know that as humans and especially with weddings, things can change very quickly. You can change your mind about something or decide to include something you hadn’t thought of before so when you make changes to what we had originally agreed (and I mean fundamental changes!) then you need to let me know straightaway.

luxury outdoor destination wedding in Tuscany, planned by luxury wedding planner uk, Kimberley Rose Designs

We will agree contact times and ways to contact – especially as we’re in different timezones – that suits us both (don’t worry, I’m pretty flexible and happy to accomodate changed schedules etc as long as we keep the communication lines open!)

I’m here to support you as much as I can so you know you have someone in your corner that is championing you and you don’t feel like you’re alone in your wedding planning. I’ll be here to guide, tell you what’s what with my experience of the wedding industry and clarify any points of difference you may have.

Top Wedding Planner in Surrey, Cynthia of Kimberley Rose Designs
Amanda Karen Photography

Dream teams

I have an extensive network of wedding suppliers and I love to work with those I call dream teams – excellent professionals who are equally as passionate and committed as I am to help you celebrate your love in style.

There is something about working with such excellent professionals that makes your wedding day run so smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish that even when issues arise (as they so often do on wedding days), they are handled with such finesse that you don’t ever know about it. I truly believe that magic happens when you assemble the right team for your wedding and that’s why they are part of what luxury means to me.

floral runner with table number in calligraphy

Final thoughts

There you have it, the definition of what luxury means to me. It is quite a list isn’t it? I hope they resonate with you and you share similar views on at least some of the points – that is the makings of a great partnership, if so! You get the benefit of all the above when you hire me for your wedding and then some!

Contact me, I’d love to help you plan your dream wedding whether its here in the UK or further afield in Europe – one that is understatedly elegant, quietly luxurious and yet you in every way.

Happy planning!

Cynthia x

Images: Benedetto Photography, Claire Graham Photography, Hannah Larkin Photography, Yll Weddings Photography

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