The Art of Slow Living; living through the pandemic

18th March 2020

The roads are deserted, the shops are closed, our restaurants are shut and bustling cities and village squares alike all feel like ghost towns, the art of slow living seems more relevant now than ever before. Never in our (recent) history / living memory have we had to face what has befallen us in the past couple of months, globally.

It’s not often that we are asked to slow down, to stay in, and limit our physical interactions with others. I’m not saying that the current pandemic is by any means an act of God but sometimes, God has a way of making us stop when we / life gets too busy, noisy and we struggle to hear even our own thoughts.

I have refrained from writing about the pandemic as I worked behind the scenes to help my clients navigate the unfortunate postponement of their weddings and other projects I had on at the back burner all due to this pandemic and the restrictions that are currently still in place. 

Only goes to show that sometimes, even our best laid plans can be interrupted when we least expect. 

deserted streets of London, England

If you have had to cancel or postpone your wedding as a result, my heart truly goes out to you. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be feeling but take comfort in the fact that the sun will shine again, you will still have your beautiful wedding on another date and best of all, love is not cancelled (love that hashtag!), and your relationship will bounce back from this, stronger than ever. If you just got engaged before the pandemic hit, then you are in a good position now too to start your wedding planning.

The lockdown has given us all a chance to slow down and practice the art of slow living. Something that is close to my heart at the best of times. I’ve always been an advocate for slow living and enjoying a slower pace of life so the lockdown is certainly a blessing in disguise (at least that’s how I’m choosing to see it) 

Across the globe and from those I speak to and interact with, people are learning to stay home. I mean really stay home and enjoy the space that they live in and pay for. They are discovering new interests and pursuits that have laid dormant for the longest time, whilst at home.

the art of slow living and living through the pandemic

Folks are starting to cook again, garden, plant and connect with nature and spend quality time with their friends and family (albeit at a socially safe distance for friends) and finding creative ways to be human again.

I’m moved by how it seems that tragedy and crisis brings out the best and compassionate side of us as humans. If you overlook the panic buying and the insatiable need to acquire copious amounts of loo rolls, folks are a lot more friendly and smiling (especially here in London where it can sometimes feel like its a travesty to smile at someone on a regular day!)

I find my shouts and greetings of good mornings and hellos as I go for my morning walk/jog/run (depends on howI feel!) to the park is returned with such enthusiastic responses as if to say, we’re all in this together. Not to talk of all the random acts of kindness from neighbours and strangers alike. So yes, folks are being a lot more kind, compassionate and human which is great!

If you are at the start off your wedding planning or have had to postpone your wedding and staying quarantined at home, my advice is to use this time wisely. You will have days when you just want to cry, no doubt but connect with your beloved on a deeper level, talk, make plans for your future and start planning your wedding or putting finishing touches to the plans that you’ve made for your postponed wedding. (watch out for my next blog post on wedding planning whilst on lockdown) 

the art of slow living and living through the pandemic. Use your time to pursue creative outlets.

Take a break from working at home and go for walks, connect with nature, spend time discovering new creative pursuits that you have not had time to explore, dare to dream and make plans for when we all come out of this (because come out of it, we will)

Often, our world is too busy for us to stop and smell the proverbial roses, so my prayer for you is that you will learn the art of slow living through this time as well as the joy in simple pleasures. Carry that through into your everyday and make it a part of your new normal once we come out of this. In the meantime though, be kind to yourselves, stay safe and well.

Cynthia x

PS: Remember, I’m here to help. If you need help navigating either your wedding postponement or planning from scratch then do get in touch as I’m now booking for autumn and 2021 dates, I’d be happy to help.

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