The Average Cost of a Marquee Wedding

When deciding on venue options for your wedding, you might struggle with which to go with as costs can be a factor. You ponder whether to have a marquee wedding instead of one at a regular wedding venue. Both have their merits, no doubt. I think there are some great reasons to have a marquee wedding and equally lots to consider when planning one. So, let’s look at the average cost of a marquee wedding when compared with ‘regular’ wedding venue which might help you to decide. More especially if you’re planning from overseas and need to get some idea of costs.

This is information I put together some months ago for a bride when she enquired about the cost of marquee wedding versus a regular wedding venue. I thought I’d share it with you too so you can have an idea of the costs comparison for both options. Bear in mind that these comparisons are made against the backdrop of having a marquee set up at a private residence for the wedding reception with the couple providing the drinks versus having the wedding at a 5 star wedding venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

The Average Cost of a Marquee Wedding | Breakdown by Kimberley Rose Designs, Marquee Wedding Planner

Marquee costs based on 150 guests

  • Empty shell frame marquee structure (without any furniture) – range from £3k to £6k
  • Structure frame marquee with furniture (table, chairs, dance floor etc.) – range from £6k to £10k
  • Luxury marquee structures (some with sails, transparent PVC panels and all the trimmings) – range from £12k to £20k


  • 3 course wedding breakfast including crockery and tableware but excludes drinks – ranges from £50 – £85 per head.

Average cost of marquee 

  • Lower end – from £13k (this does not include furniture)
  • Mid range – from £19K
  • High end – from £27k

Regular wedding venue costs based on 150 guests.

  • Room hire – range from £3k to £7k
  • 3 course wedding breakfast – ranges from £65 – £85 per head

Corkage fees (venues charge this when they serve you drinks or when you bring your own)

  • Champagne – range from £40 – £75 per bottle
  • Wines (whites and reds) – range from £25 – £50 per bottle

Average cost of regular wedding venue hire

  • Lower end – from £19k
  • Mid range – from £26k
  • High end – from £33k

These are based on London prices. As with everything, costs will vary depending on venue and your location. You also need to factor in things like lighting, decor, types of furniture and special equipment. My top tip is to make a list of all the things you will need for your marquee wedding before approaching marquee companies for quotes. There are factors that will affect your marquee hire choices too (style, type, location etc) but your marquee company can advise you more on those.

I hope this mini breakdown has given you some insight into the various price ranges for both a marquee wedding and one at a regular wedding venue so you have a rough idea of costs prior to approaching companies. Do contact me if you need help with putting together a cost breakdown for your marquee wedding.

Happy planning!

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