Unique date ideas for Valentines Day

12th January 2019

Valentines day is upon us. I know it seems like Christmas was just yesterday but yes, the much celebrated season of love is here and it’s the perfect time to add some spice, romance and intimacy to your relationship. After all, it is the basis of why you’re getting married and planning your wedding isn’t it? So, take a break from your wedding planning and let’s explore some aspects that will enhance your relationship this Valentine season.

Giving flowers, chocolates and having romantic candlelit dinners for two are almost a given for Valentines day, and should most certainly be done, my angst with these is that they can become repetitive and predictable after a while, the element of surprise and wonder is no longer there and without being told, each year, you know exactly what your beloved will do once Valentines day comes around.

I find that the best gifts, sometimes, are the ones that are experienced and not necessarily bought (now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying no gifts at all – I love gifts myself! – but make it a thoughtful one), so this Valentines day season, why not do something different? Break the norm and try a new activity together that will help you both to enhance your relationship and deepen the love you have for one another (which will ultimately make for a smoother wedding planning) Here are some unique date ideas for Valentines day to help enhance the intimacy in your relationship.


I have listed some pointers below to help you get started…

Kimberley Rose offers unique date ideas for valentine's day

Unique date ideas for Valentines Day

Take a class together

From calligraphy to dance classes, there are a range of classes out there to suit your taste. Taking a class together especially in something that is new to both of you will help you to see each other in a whole new light. It will cause you to try things and experiences that you wouldn’t ordinarily have done as a couple before. For example you can test his patience when it comes to piping the perfect fondant rose at a cake decorating class or he can test yours at mastering the scripted letters at a calligraphy class.


Nothing opens you up quite like travelling to a different destination. Whether at home or abroad, book a place you’ve both always wanted to visit but never found the time to (the time is now!) and explore the richness of what your destination has to offer. You can both laugh together at your new discoveries, this will be a talking point for you and your memories long after the holiday is over. Having shared and great memories is definitely a good way to strengthen and deepen your relationship.

Go on a retreat

Retreats, especially of the spiritual kind, are great ways to unwind and focus on important things that feed your soul. Go with your beloved, read, meditate and pray together. Gain a deeper understanding of who you both are and the values that matter most to you. Doing it in a safe haven that a retreat provides away from distractions like social media and ringing phones and emails, will certainly take your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy.

couple on holiday in tuscany for valentines day

Go shopping together

Instead of buying gifts for each other before the day, why not put a different spin on it and go shopping with your beloved on Valentines day? Start with a nice breakfast somewhere and then hit the shops afterwards. Have a go at picking out gifts for her and gifts for him. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it will help you to understand your beloved’s shopping preference, what they like and what makes them tick. Seeing them eye something they like is a good excuse to take note and perhaps surprise them with it at a later date. That shows a lot of care and thoughtfulness for your beloved and will go a long way to enhancing and deepening your relationship.

Go for long walks

There’s nothing quite like nature to bring out the best in you. Escape the buzz of the city and crowded restaurants on Valentine’s day and instead don your woolies and head for the great outdoors. Go for a nice, long leisurely walk with your beloved in the park or secluded neighbourhood, where you can both hear yourselves and away from everyday noise. Hold hands, talk and fall in love all over again. Talk as you walk, pour out your heart and let your beloved see the vulnerable side of you. There is something about speaking from the heart that frees you up to be you which in turn creates a deep sense of intimacy between you and your beloved.


So, there you have it. Some simple unique date ideas for Valentines day. I hope they will help you to strengthen your relationships this Valentine season and take you to a deeper level of intimacy in your relationship as you prepare and plan for your I dos.


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